Easter Rising Letter (No 2)








Received 07 May 1916








Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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Letter describing Dublin City after the Easter Rising in 1916. (Courtesy of PRONI.) The letter reads -

'From Raymond describing the appearance of Dublin after the Sinn Fein rebellion (received May 7th 1916)' 

'Addressed to Mr Savage-Armstrong, Strangford House, Strangford, Co. Down', 

'My dear ?, I was not able to get on yesterday to Limerick so stayed the night here. The train which should have got in to ? St at 1pm got in at about 3pm and the train from Kingsbridge started at 3 we stopped at every station on the way down and went at Dublin Wicklow and Wexford speed. There were only two trains south from Kingsbridge yesterday but I hear all trains will be running today. I start by the 12.20. I saw ? who was very busy and had 4 nights without ?. ? was here on his way to Mesopotamia. I had not seen him for 10 years he had been at ? and had spent the week with the 3rd ? Rangers hunting rebels in Wexford who finally surrendered. Stephens Green closed to public. One hears odd shots at night still. They had not been able to keep up the 2nd Batt ? Rangers as there were so few recruits. ? Br only very slightly damaged and no visible damage along the line. Troops about ? and pickets lying about streets and patriots ? about constantly. There are a good many cyclist boys in the country I think for hunting down the rebels. 

Must stop now.

Ever your loving son.




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