West Belfast Childrens' Annual Outing to Portrush and Newcastle

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Newcastle, Portrush





35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


11min 25sec




David Dillon

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'West Belfast Childrens' Annual Outing to Portrush 25th and 26th July 1932. These day trips were organised by Joseph Devlin, MP for Fermanagh and Tyrone and leader of the Nationalist Party.

Shot List

'West Belfast Childrens' Annual Outing to Portrush 25th and 26th July 1932. Organised by Mr Joseph Devlin MP'. General views of large crowds of children in city centre. At train station and in Portrush walking and on the beach. They are walking behind banner reading 'The White House - Irish linens, lace and embroideries'. Devlin is seen with a group of children. Pony ride on beach. Woman and boys running race on beach. Football / soccer game on beach. Going through gates into an estate. Pipe band. 06:35 'Scenes at Newcastle' railway / bus station with pipe band and large group of children. Children being handed sandwiches in paper bags and mugs. Empty field with rubbish. Joe Devlin leading boy on a donkey. Wheelbarrow and womens race on beach.