Irish Cup Final 1952

Date: 29/04/2015 17:19

On the eve of the 2014/15 Irish Cup Final, we look back at a final of yesteryear and one of the more unusual incidents from the competition's history.

Windsor Park, Saturday, the 26th of April, 1952. It's coming up to kick-off in the Irish Cup Final, a game that would be competed between Glentoran and Ards. Surveying the dressing-rooms, the referee and linesmen realise there's a problem. Glentoran had commissioned a new kit prior to the final and the jersey - predominently red in design - clashes with the red and blue kit of Ards. To resolve the problem, it is suggested that Glentoran borrow Cliftonville's white kit. Grudgingly, they agree, but only on condition that Ards too play in another team's kit.

So it is that the 1952 final sees a Glentoran team - in the white of Cliftonville - take the field against an Ards team dressed in the blue of Linfield. The strange incident and the recollections of Ards' fan, John Martin, and ex-player, Tommy Walker, are captured in this wonderful Super 8 Story.




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