'Legend's End' bids farewell to footballing great

Date: 22/04/2015 09:05

Shown from the perspective of a member of the public, Legend's End recounts the events of Saturday, 3rd December, as George Best, the legend, is buried in his hometown.

A short film produced by Notasuch films for More4 - and now added to the Digital Film Archive - Legend's End was first broadcast in 2006. This short vignette drew praise for its emotional punch, with the Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 stating that it was, "The first FourDoc to bring a tear to my eye. Just very clever and simple really. The Super 8 film suited the subject matter so perfectly, and the nostalgic 60s feel made you feel that it was compiled from archive footage rather than the present, which suited the subject so very well - it made it feel historic, important and sad. The music and old fashioned caption cards were also intrinsic to this feeling and worked harmoniously. A fitting tribute!"

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