'Unforgettable Moments' of life in Northern Ireland during WWII

Date: 21/05/2015 15:42

Newly added to the Digital Film Archive, Unforgettable Moments: Northern Ireland During World War Two is a compelling document of life in the region during the conflict. Combining evocative black and white and vibrant colour film from a variety of sources, the film traces the impact of the war on Northern Ireland's citizens.

For many here, life was relatively untainted by the events that were to have such a devastating impact elsewhere. We see men play golf and children frolic. There are the usual social occasions, be it weddings, or even a children's birthday party in Armagh that, somehow, seems to have escaped the necessary privations brought about by food rationing.

Nonetheless, Northern Ireland's contribution to the war effort was not insignificent, be it in food production, such as  'Dig For Victory' - the campaign encouraging men and women to produce their own food. Also shown here are the various fundraising drives and activities that were put on across Northern Ireland to raise both funds and spirits.

In some of the film's most startling images, we are shown happy-go-lucky children playing on the beach with their sand-buckets whilst, overhead, RAF planes can be seen practicing their bombing runs along the north coast. It's a moment that juxtaposes the everyday and the extraordinary to startling effect.

Unforgettable Moments: Northern Ireland During World War Two was produced by RMC Media Partnership and is currently being displayed in the Northern Ireland War Memorial as part of an exhibition celebrating the anniversary of VE Day.

Original cine-film courtesy of Charles Lamb (Richhill) / The Richardson Family / Maynard Sinton (Moyallan) / 502 Squadron (Ulster Flying Club).


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