Charlie's Graveyard Tales

Unusual, interesting or spooky tales from Ulster's graveyards with Charlie Witherspoon

With his catchphrase of, 'Graveyards tell strange stories,' Ulster Television's most immaculate roving reporter, Charlie Witherspoon toured the burial grounds of Northern Ireland providing interesting tales inserts on the evening news. Before the political situation changed in the 1960s, UTV excelled at gathering up reports of the unusual from every corner of the countryside, and none were better at doing that than Charlie Witherspoon, long before his studio-bound days as presenter of Police Six.

With a microphone in one hand and a leg nonchalantly balanced on a railing, Charlie's catchphrase was the gateway into tales of both the interesting and the strange, be it educating viewers on a remarkable life well lived or in tales of eccentricity. Occasionally, the graveyard setting would lend itself to spooky yarns or graveyrobbing legends. But, always, Charlie's exquisitely combed hair remained unruffled as he guided us on a tour of the mysterious final resting places of old.

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