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DFA/ Linen Hall Library Collection

Digital Film Archive is proud to have supported Linen Hall Library’s extraORDINARYwomen project, contributing two films during the process, both of which have drawn from a deep well of audio-visual material relating to women’s experiences from 1965 to the present day. The films were shown as part of the Sparks exhibition in 2020, and the Together We Are Strong exhibition in 2021.

This new extraORDINARYwomen collection has been selected by one of the project’s curators to correspond with the project themes. The collection highlights some of the many programmes that were used in the films, alongside examples of other valuable material that emerged during the research process. The audio-visual clips resonate with objects and artefacts held by the Linen Hall Library in their existing archives, and new items and testimonies that have been gathered by the project researchers. The collection will form part of the project’s online legacy, and features, along with the two films, in the extraORDINARYwomen website.

Linen Hall Library’s project, extraORDINARYwomen: Supporting Communities (1965-today) is a ground-breaking digital resource exploring roles and attitudes of women in Northern Ireland during a momentous period of recent history and political and socioeconomic change.

The project explored the following themes:

Education, Employment & Leadership

Family Life & Gender Roles

Femininity, Appearance & Stereotyping

Health & Resilience

Troubles & Peacetime

Some of the selected clips address these themes very specifically and others cover multiple themes within their subject matter.

You can visit the extraORDINARY women website here

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