Guest Collection: Epidemic Belfast

A selection of films exploring Northern Ireland’s medical history

Northern Ireland has a rich history of medicine and health. This selection of films focuses on the 1960s. In that decade, the Northern Irish benefited from the NHS, improvements in maternity care and vaccinations. However, many challenges had to be faced including the thalidomide tragedy, poor housing, disabilities among children who survived the 1950s’ polio outbreak and the rising spread of heart disease. 

The footage captures a glimpse into various aspects of medical history including public health broadcasts, patients with influenza and tonsilitis, disability, hospital staff, poor housing and chemists.

The collection is curated by Ian Miller and Rebecca Watterson from the Epidemic Belfast project. Epidemic Belfast is a resource created in Ulster University’s School of History that raises challenging and difficult questions about Northern Ireland’s medical history. It features podcast episodes, videos, images, oral histories, walking tour and stories from the region’s medical past. Visit the website: www.epidemic-belfast.com

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