Kevin Killen


As shown in Kevin Killen’s practice, neon is malleable and reusable as well as durable with the appropriate maintenance. He is an example of an artist trained in glass bending. While neon may be fading in the commercial realm, artists, particularly in the United States where Killen trained, are claiming the medium. This work by Killen has been carefully rearranged and installed by Johanna Leech, Stuart Calvin and Chris McNevison in response to the arts programme Spectrum (1972—1991). The explosion of colours complement the array of neons found in the UTV archive and appear to break down their uniformity. The television test pattern stripes have gone awry. The electromagnetic colour spectrum flouts the laws of physics. What was once contained has broken loose and every aspect goes its own way.

Text adapted from the essay Welcome to Havelock House by P.E.A. Blair

Kevin Killen's current practice is the creation of self-made neon light sculptures and installations, often site-specific. The works capture moments in time, representing life and peoples’ physical journeys. Based in Belfast, studied Fine Art at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College in 1999.

Watch these clips from UTV that inspired the exhibition. Warning this clip starts with a shrill sound for 5 seconds.

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