Myths, Legends and Ghosts

A supernatural selection

News stories, travelogues or gothic-themed short films, myths and legends permeate life whether you are superstitious or not. The local love of storytelling and the sense for mythology and legends form a rich tapestry of the old and the new.

Touching or knocking on wood is done without thinking by many, whether it’s got something to do with fairies or just to avoid tempting fate. However, there are particular places that have earned their association with the mystical and the uncanny. Graveyards, trees, cursed grass, fairies, druids and giants - the list goes on. The remnants of pagan beliefs are still striving through the power assigned to nature and mythical creatures in Northern Ireland.

Nevertheless, superstitions such as touch wood and crossing fingers are nothing compared to the fascination with ghosts apparitions. Local ghosts are not restricted to clichéd castles, quite on the contrary. They wander around, indoors and outdoors, all over the country. Boom in paranormal societies, paranormal research associations and investigators, is just one of the signs of the Northern Irish love affair with the other side. A catalogue of ghost reports continues to grow.

This selection of films ranges from interviews with people who witnessed the supernatural first hand, travelogues from the well known spots of mythical legends to the all round favourite ghost stories.



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