Na Dódaí Series 2

The series is for three to five year olds (and their parents!) who are learning the Irish language,

Na Dódaí live in a wonderful house, inside a pop up book – they are two sisters and two brothers, who love to dance, sing, tell stories and play games. 'Na Dódaí' are Nóra, Ruairí, Róise and Naoise. Their world is bright and colourful: they play, dance and sing and every day Nóra reads them wonderful tales from the big book of stories.  She is the eldest and although she loves to have fun, she also watches over her sister and brothers. 

The primary objective of Na Dódaí is to help build self-confidence and self-expression within a three to five year old target audience through the medium of Irish. The series will celebrate the ordinary in children’s lives in extraordinary ways. It will provide an enjoyable, interactive learning experience.  

The programme team will create a magical, immersive world for young learners, in which the Ulster Irish they hear every day will be the language Na Dódaí use when they play, sing and speak to one another.

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