Stuart Calvin


Stuart Calvin’s sculpture N.D.E (2012) features a halo-like white neon ring attached to a vertically mounted railway sleeper. Calvin’s work delves into the mystical and the mythological—quite fitting with television’s own brand of reality that was once created in this studio. As the sculpture’s own lore goes, the wood was salvaged close to a convent. The shape also evokes the lowercase Greek letter Phi that is sometimes used to represent magnetic flow in physics and the golden ratio in maths, art and architecture. 

Text adapted from the essay Welcome to Havelock House by P.E.A. Blair

Stuart Calvin’s work explores incorporeal worlds, supernatural experiences and the human propensity to venerate and fetishize objects. Throughout Calvin’s work, references to New Age ideologies, superstitions, and theories of consciousness are  ever-present. The work proposes a type of modem mysticism, forming connections between the visible and invisible, the physical and metaphysical. Stuart Calvin graduated from the University Of Ulster in 2011 with a BA Hons in Fine and Applied Art and in 2016, a Masters degree in Fine Art. This neon sculpture was made with assitance from AM Light.

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