A Heritage From Stone: The Grand Plan

A Heritage From Stone: The Grand Plan

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Ballygally Castle, Carrickfergus Castle, Castle Monea, Dalways Bawn, Derry, Derry Walls, Donegal Castle, Moneymore, Richhill, Upper Ballinderry, Walls of Derry





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If you want to see the effect of the first large scale planning scheme that really worked look no further. Ulster is a good example. Brian Boyd takes a closer look at the Grand Plan, the Plantation of Ulster, explores the socio-political context and its architectural manifestations.

The Flight of Earls in 1607 marks the end of Celtic civilisation as this event led to the confiscation of the land by King James I who immediately started taking steps to secure this possession. A year later a deliberate decision to populate the land with English and Scottish planters was taken. This had an immediate impact on local architecture and urban development. Before the plantation towns were set up there was no fixed pattern of urban living despite the existence of settlement such as in Derry, Armagh, Downpatrick and Normans’ Carrickfergus.

Brian Boyd explores local architecture during these formative but very turbulent times through to the more peaceful period in the late 17th century and investigates how this is reflected in the buildings built in this period. On this architectural tour, Brian visits numerous heritage sites, traces their history and studies their style.  Some of the places visited include Dalways Bawn, Donegal and Richhill Castle, and Castle Monea.


Ulster Television would like to thank:

Historic Monuments & Building Branch Department of the Environment N.I.
The Office of Public Works
The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
David Bigger
Terry McDonald


Written by Brian Boyd
Produced and Directed by Ruth Johnston
Music Composed by John Anderson
Advisor: Alistair Rowan University College, Dublin
Stills: Kenneth McNally
Graphic Design: Brian Owens
Production Assistant: Sara Bell
Lighting: Maurice Blair
Camera: Sam Christie
Location Sound: Rai Woods
Sound Mixer: Colin Somerville
Picture Editor: Brian O’Rourke


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