A History in Numbers

A History in Numbers

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05min 40sec





black and white, colour


Northern Ireland Screen's Digital Film Archive


Emma Campbell, Máiréad Enright at Northern/Ireland Feminist Constitutional Futures

Rights Holder

Emma Campbell, ITV, Waddell Media

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A History in Numbers deals with the passage of time and the changes that it may or may not bring. It picks at the political, artistic and inter-relational threads that were woven into Emma's experience of one element of change; the decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland.


A History in Numbers by Emma Campbell

Video production by Elspeth Vischer, Vish Films NI

Archive Producer Sinéad Bhreathnach Cashell

Archive research by Emma Campbell, Elspeth Vischer and Sinéad Bhreathnach Cashell

Video Commissioned by Máiréad Enright at Northern/Ireland Feminist Constitutional Futures

Audio Commissioned for NI NOW100 project at The MAC

Audio starring Libby Huntley, Ruby Campbell and Rachel Murray

Audio directed by Colm G. Doran

Sound and Music composition by Costance Keane

Live Recording by Damien Hughes and Ian Jordan 

Photographs featured are 'Passport Butterflies' by Emma Campbell 

Archive featured:

Copyright ITV: Family Planning (1960); Waeving for Ships (1960, The Impact of High-Rise Living on Mothers (1965); Counterpoint: Abortion (1979); Counterpoint: A Woman's Worth (1988); Reclaim the Night (1987); Blackstaff Square: Working Women's Square (1989); Counterpoint: Teenage Mothers (1991);Insight: Abortion (1999); UTV News (2002); Women in Construction and Non-Traditional Sectors Campaign (2007); UTV Live (2008), UTV News (2021). 

Copyright Waddell Media Ltd Resolutions: Right Time for Sex (1998) 


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