A series of timelapse experiments








12min 45sec




Super 8



Brian Connolly


Brian Connolly

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Brian Connolly

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Delight in a compilation of time lapse experiments by Brian Connolly. He compresses time with this film making technique to create captivating visions from daily life. From the roof of Queen Street Studios he plays with the city skyline, his family animates their garden and ships glide through Larne like toys until the artist's hand draws a veil over each scene. Then join Brian on a trip on the Strangford ferry before the pace changes for Robert Peters’ performance to camera.

This film is provided courtesy of Brian Connolly. He was born in Ballymoney, County Antrim in 1961 and was awarded an M.A. in Fine Art at the University of Ulster in 1985. He has been working as a professional artist ever since. As an artist much of his work has evolved out of a series of dialogues with the specifics of place, location, context, or site. He has created Interventions, Performance Art Works, Install-actions, & Installations, in a wide range of places around the globe, these include: Churches, Monasteries, Castles, City Streets, Alleyways, Market Places, Parks, a dry swimming pool, Beach, Funeral Parlour, as well as Art Galleries & Museums. You can watch more of his time-lapse experiments on BFI player.


Film created by Brian Connolly

On screen participants are Brian Connolly, Robert Peters, Nuala Gregory and Chris North 


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