A Woman’s Working Day 1963

A Woman’s Working Day 1963

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Antrim Road, Belfast, Belfast Telegraph Office, Donegall Square, North Belfast, York Street




Production 02/10/1963


11min 27sec





black and white


Funded by the Broadcast Authority of Ireland under the Archiving Scheme 2


Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Department for Communities, ITV, UTV Archive

Rights Holder


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This film is remarkable despite having long ago lost its accompanying sound. It traces what it claims to be a woman’s working day in Belfast in 1963 and we see her starting off from her home in North Belfast in Ben Madigan Park South and then catching the Belfast City Transport trollybus down the Antrim Road to the City Centre. We see the young worker heading to her place of employment and being given the job of walking across town to pick up the art for an advert from a local company. However, it’s while she’s out on lunch that the most enjoyable aspects of the film kick in – meeting a friend who works in a record store and then heading out for a bite to eat in the Wimpy restaurant. After something to eat there’s still time for some window shopping for clothes around the City Hall area before heading back to the office. The soundtrack may be gone but you can almost imagine your own for this delicious slice of city centre life as the Beatles rode high in the charts.


An Ulster Television Production.



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