Belfast City and Countryside

Belfast City and Countryside

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Bangor, Belfast, Various






04min 24sec





black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

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British Pathé

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A 1920s look at the countryside that surrounds Belfast.

Shot List

'Belfast. Northern Ireland: shots in nearby countryside and in the city, circa 1920s. A few automobiles on curving road lined with bare, bent trees. Man walks along beside horse-drawn cart. Pan right shows factories in background. Shot of a few people on walkway by water, across inlet, many houses in background. Small waves with whitecaps coming in. Next man approaching riding bicycle on road with few houses, pan right on the bike as he rides by, passed by two trucks. Close up road sign to Belfast etc. Market scene in city, small crowd and some cars gathered in front of long low building. Closer shot part of crowd, with calf in front, young boy steps out toward camera. Man pushing calf away from camera. Close up of crowd. ECU midsections of two men, both reaching into pockets - looks as if they are making some transaction. Close up old lady with white hair and toothless smile. Close up spotted calf being sold (quite dark). Next policeman directing traffic -mid shot, then close ups. Great shots looking down residential street, possibly public housing - long row of terraced houses.' Source: British Pathe database.


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