Belfast Harbour Scenes









13min 03sec




35mm, film, intertitles

black and white




Belfast Harbour Commissioners

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Belfast Harbour Commissioners

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Various scenes at Belfast harbour.

Shot List

'The following Picture of Belfast Harbour and Docks has been loaned by the courtesy of the Belfast Harbour Commissioners.' 00:06 'Approaching Belfast Lough from North, Blackhead Lighthouse and 'The Gobbins'.' View from boat of coastline and lighthouse on cliff. 00:25 'Transatlantic liners call regularly at Belfast. A Liner in the Lough.' 01:06 'Passengers embarking on the Atlantic Liner.' View looking down on passengers walking across gangway. Liner motoring. 01:28 'Outer Lighthouse and Steam Pilot Cutter.' Lighthouse in the harbour with cutter passing behind. 01:52 'General view - Entrance to harbour, shipyards, etc.' View from fast moving boat on left in distance is a large number of cranes. Large liner moored. 02:04 'Musgrave channel - Harbour Dredger at work.' 02:34 'Reclamation plant pumping dredged material ashore. By means of the Harbour Commissioners dredging and reclamation plant, deepening of channels, etc, is effected simultaneously with reclamation of land.' Close up views. 02:58 'Berth at which great Oil Tankers of deep draught have their cargoes pumped ashore.' Pan from oil tanker across what looks like a walkway (with pipes). 03:18 'Storage tanks to which the Oil is pumped direct, from ship through various pipe lines.' Pan from tanks to buildings and cranes. 03:35 'Electric Power Station Musgrave Channel. Coal being discharged by mechanical conveyers.' Moveable cranes. Pan to above-ground mechanical conveyers. 04:25 'Belfast is the birthplace of the world's largest ships. One of the five great shipbuilding Yards, shewing vessels in various stages of construction. One of the vessels on the stocks (32,000 tons) is the largest laid down since the War.' Pan from cranes, buildings in background. Cut to view of cranes from the water. 04:52 'Victoria Channel, wharves and shipbuilding yards. Large liners being completed and 'fitting' out.' View from water of cranes with ships berthed. 05:04 '120 tons Electric Crane at work.' Close up of chain being attached to container. View of entire crane. 05:36 'Mammoth Floating Crane - 200 tons.' View from water of crane. 05:44 'Another Shipbuilding Yard.' View from water of cranes. 05:54 'Workmen leaving one of the great Shipyards.' Men rushing. Row of double decker trams on right. 07:00 SS Minnetonka - 21,997 tons gross register - leaving Thompson Graving Dock. This dock has accommodated vesels up to 48,000 tons gross regr.' Various views of the ship. Tugboats pulling her round. 08:23 'York Dock, showing vesels engaged in foreign trade. Owing to small range of tide at Belfast, all Docks are tidal and ships can enter or leave at any stage of the tide.' Pan across different ships in dock. 08:47 'Spencer Dock.' View from water of ships. 09:06 'River Lagan. Cross - Channel Steamers at Donegall Quay. Daily services are maintained to England and Scotland.' View from water along line of berthed ships. Albert clock (?) in background. 10:09 'Queen's Bridge across River Lagan.' View from water - silhouette of double decker tram and cars crossing bridge. 10:15 'Queen's Quay. Electric Cranes discharging colliers, by means of patent Grabs.' View from water of cranes and ships. On pier a crane being used. 11:02 'Goods Sheds, railway traffic etc. Donegall Quay.' Also horse drawn carts. 11:44 'Panoramic view of Donegall Quay from roof of Harbour Office.' 12:06 'The Harbour Office.' Exterior of a large building. 12:13 'Contingent of the Harbour Police parading for duty.' Outside the Harbour Commission building.


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