Belfast Harbour Scenes. Diver







Public Record Office of Northern Ireland


8mm, film

black and white


01min 01sec




Belfast Harbour Commissioners

Rights Holder

Belfast Harbour Commissioners

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Footage of a diver at work in Belfast Harbour.


Ulster Mirror programmes were produced once a fortnight from Belfast between 1954 and 1956 as a reflection of some aspects of life in Northern Ireland. Programme 1 was shown at 7pm on 26/11/1954 to Northern Ireland viewers by the simple expedient of switching off all television transmitters in England and Wales and running the film in the normal way.(The BBC wished to avoid any pressure from viewers to introduce similar local programmes in other regions. For technical reasons, however, it had to be broadcast in Scotland also). Only a silent camera was supplied to producer Harry Govan, so no interviews could be done. A local newspaper reviewer commented that the programme was a commendable effort to give us top quality television without all of the necessary technical resources being available.' Source: David Dillon

Shot List

Close up of diver going into water and coming out and having his helmet removed and taking off dry suit.


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