Belfast Playground

Belfast Playground

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22 February 1971 (of event)


01min 02sec




35mm, film

black and white


British Movietone News


British Movietone News

Rights Holder

British Movietone News

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Recent reports that young children had been taking part in street fighting in Belfast has led to the opening of adventure playgrounds where they can let off steam in comparative safety. The British peace-keeping force gets a chance to relax as the climate cools down again. But they have to be alert for incidents which can be sparked off in a moment.

Shot List

General view pan deserted streets. Close up sign Grosvenor Road. Short view ditto. General view deserted street. Long view sign Falls Road, pan to general view people in street. General view army vehicles parked in barracks. General view Red Cross vehicle parked. Short view scout cars parked. Long view children on seesaw in playground. Long view kids on climbing frame. Short view four shots ditto. Long view boys walking on wall pan to short view boys playing football. General view interior small children on rocking horses etc. Close up 2 small boys on rocking horse. Close up spinning top pan to child. Close up drum pan up to child's face looking towards camera. General view army camp. Long view weapons check out hut. Short view soldier with rifle in ditto. General view army bunkhouse. Pan down soldier cleaning boots (not army boots). Short view soldiers playing cards. Close up cards in hand. Close up soldier pan to other. Short viewcards and money on table. Close up soldier asleep. General view deserted table. Areas mentioned in voice-over include - Grosvenor Road, Falls Road, Ballymurphy, Ardoyne. There is no title with this newsreel. Source: British Movietone News Database -



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