Counterpoint: Celtic Football Club

Counterpoint: Celtic Football Club

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Celtic Park, Glasgow, Glens of Antrim




Transmission 08/04/1993


25min 07sec







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Presenter Michael Nesbitt explores the rising level of debt that Celtic football club are in and the current successes of the "their arch rivals - Rangers" are enjoying. 

Celtic park in Glasgow- or Paradise, as fans call it - is the home of the club and has suffered many blows, with limited wins in the past four seasons. David Low (Celtic Shareholder), discusses with Counterpoint the clubs financial position which has been bleak with many financial hardships. This is a far cry from the prosperous years of the 1950's and 1960's, most notably in 1967 when they won the European Cup.

Kevin McKenna (Glasgow Journalist), makes comparisons between Celtic and Rangers, with Rangers advancements meaning that they don't "need Celtic, don't need their money or their rivalry". Tensions are high between board members and the shareholders, with many wanting to see the resignation of those at the top who don't believe that adequate money has been put back into the club.

Despite being a Scottish team, Celtic undoubtedly has Irish roots, with the team being formed in 1887 with the purpose of alleviating poverty in the Irish Immigrant community. This has meant that there are those in Northern Ireland (NI) who have supported the team fanatically, both financially and as fans. Joe Scollay (Glens of Antrim Celtic Supporters Club) speaks about what Celtic means to the NI supporters and how he doesn't believe this passion is in the board room. 


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