Counterpoint: Planning

Counterpoint: Planning

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Balmoral, Belfast City Centre, CastleCourt, East Belfast, King's Road, Malone Road, Newtownards, Queen's University Belfast, South Belfast






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Brian Black, and an assortment of interviewees, explore issues surrounding the housing market and planning developments.

Black raises a concern about "Legoland type developments" whilst acknowledging that planning can stimulate employment in towns. However, he notes such planning must take into consideratiion the dangers of ruining the natural beauty of rural settings.

On location is Susie Millar, who reports on the formation of a representative group concerned about housing developments. The representative group discuss developments in South Belfast and the application of "positive policies" - in relation to planning - which could apply to any area of the province.

Next, Rupert Laird comments about the public awareness of new developments, while Tony Wright, Charmaine Wheeler, Frederick Feeney, and Marcus Patton (Architect) comment about the inherent difficulties of such developments. Cllr. Steven McBride (SDLP) hopes to make the current legislation more democratic whilst Ald. Sammy Wilson (DUP) speaks of the planning committee's work and how public opinion is considered in relation to new planning.

The actions of Queen's University Belfast are discussed. They own large areas of land surrounding the University and have at times sold this land for commercial property development, losing valuable architecture in the process. Similarly, the building of the Castle Court shopping centre led to the destruction of a row of Victorian buildings.

Suburban areas in East Belfast, such as the Kings Road have also raised concerns, while Newtownards inhabitants are keen not to have further destruction to the wildlife on a plot bought by developers. Crosbie Cochrane (Local Resident) expresses concerns about the wildlife and the destruction of the landscape. Tom Ennis and John Hamilton (Mayor of Ards) share their views about the developers.

In response to the above views, Wesley Stewart (Director of Planning) reassures the public that precautions are taken and that as many people as possible are informed about potential new developments.


A UTV Production

Director: Lynne Davidson

Producer: Brian Black

Executive Producer: Michael Beattie.

Also Featured: David Gas, Cllr. Alan Montgomery, Crosbie Cochrane, Tom Ennis and John Hamilton (Mayor of Ards).



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