bfi  Monthly Film Bulletin vol. 2 no. 23, December 1935, p.197.


Gt. Britain. Certificate: U. Distributors. Paramount. Producers. Crusade Films. Director: Donovan Pedelty. Leading Players: Richard Hayward and Nay Walsh. 80 nuns.

An Irish comedy. The story is not at all original and rather ramblingly told but it is an amusing picture of happy‑go‑lucky people whose chief interests in life are horses and racing. Sir Brian O'Neill is a typical Irish country gentleman. Everything he possesses is mortgaged and his only hope of saving his ancestral home lies in his horse winning the Grand National. The horse is ridden by his son Derek who is in love with Eileen O'Donnell. The horse wins but is subsequently disqualified. Bailiffs at once take possession. Efforts of a loyal servant to retrieve the family's fortunes are unsuccessful, but a few hours before the O'Neills are turned out, an American appears and buys the horse at a price which enables Sir Brian to pay his debts and Derek to marry Eileen. The settings are simple, the backgrounds authentic and the atmosphere realistic. Richard Hayward has real Irish wit and humour, together with a sense of comedy. He is supported by players from the Belfast Repertory Theatre who make up in sincerity for what they lack in experience of screen work.     E. P.

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