Dust On The Bible

Dust On The Bible

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The work of one of Northern Ireland's most distinctive filmmakers , Dust on The Bible reflects John T. Davis experiences in America's 'Bible-Belt', drawing parallels between fundamentalist religion in the US and his home country. Dust on the Bible is a documentary film examining fundamentalist religion in Northern Ireland.



"Another Davis foray into evangelism in Northern Ireland, this challenging road movie crosses Wim Wenders' brand of angst with the Calvinist notion of salvation through suffering as a man drives across Irish, through seasons, searching for meaning" (Harvey O Brien) 

Born in Belfast in 1947, Davis's first experience of filmmaking came via a chance encounter with DA Pennebaker, in 1966. The legendary filmmaker was on a Belfast street, camera on shoulder, recording Bob Dylan for the seminal documentary Don't Look Back, when a young Davis happened on the scene. It was at that instant that Davis realised he wanted to be a filmmaker. 

Shot List

People preaching on the streets of Northern Ireland. It is Christmas and the Salvation Army are out. RUC and the Army. Bomb Squad. Shots of the City at night. People singing religious songs in a hall. Man talking about how he found Jesus 26 years ago. A man singing country and western style religious songs. Scenic shots. People preaching by the sea. Then they sing. Followed by two men getting baptised in the sea-water. The city centre with men carrying and wearing signs. Followed by a group of people singing in the street. A man preaches outside a shop. Man talks about his conversion to Jesus and he preaches to the|public. Drums being banged. Followed by a man on a combine harvester. Religious messages are seen on billboards and walls etc. People going on a march. A man preaching on a podium. More signs. The King's Hall. Royal Ulster Society. A man is preaching on stage to a big crowd. Followed by a homeless/drunk man. More scenic shots. Religious messages on rocks by the sea. City shots. Inside a Church. More scenic shots and street shots. Arcade/slot machines. Man singing in a car. There is a voiceover of quotes from the Book of Revelation.


A film by John T Davis; A DBA Triplevision Production for Channel Four Television in Association with RTE; Original music - Philip Donnelly; Dust on the Bible performed by Bailes Bros. (1945); Man in Car - Martin Donnelly; Readings from 'Revelation' Damian Gorman; Sound - Deke Thompson; Dubbing Mixer - Colin Martin; Camera Assistants - Christine Barker, Alan Young, Kurt Savage; Assistant Editor - Bernadette Moloney; Titles - Leslie Stannage; Story Editors - Damian Gorman, Jan Ashdown; Associate Producer - Brendan Hughes; Photography - John T Davis; Editer - Se Merry.



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