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This documentary contains first hand accounts by individuals now living in Northern Ireland who were affected by the Holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda. Survivors, refugees, liberators and workers tell their story.


The full unedited material filmed during the interviews is held by the Nerve Centre, L/Derry.

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In their Own Words was made as part of of the programme of events and activities supporting UK National Holocaust Memorial Day 2004, which was held in Belfast. The aim was to make a permanent record of the experiences of survivors, refugees, liberators and aid workers (Rwanda) who had made Belfast their home. Families were included in discussions and filming plans.

Of those who were identified, Helen Lewis was too unwell by then to be interviewed, and Inge Radford declined. George Bloch, who with his family was on the last train out of Poland in autumn 1939, and who continues to live in Northern Ireland, spoke at the 2003 HMD commemoration in Armagh.

The interviews were filmed in Northern Ireland, and the documentary was shown from 5 January 2004 in the Ulster Museum in Belfast; Verbal Art Centre L/Derry; The marketplace, Armagh; Fermanagh County Museum. It was used during the HMD commemoration at the Waterfront Hall.


Edith Kohner - Millisle Farm Refugee , Ruth Kohner - Millisle Farm Refugee, Edith Sekules - Prison Camp Internee, Peter Aubrey - Survivor, Teddy Dixon - Liberator, Gary Buchanan - Aid Worker, Peggy Buchanan - Rwandan Refugee

Editor / Interviewer / Producer: Jan Branch (also Executive Producer of UK Holocaust Memorial Day 2004)

Dr Ciara Chambers - Researcher

Camera and Sound: Nerve Centre L/Derry




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