Irish and Proud of It



Clogher Head, County Louth





1hr 12min 27sec





black and white


Digitised as part of Unlocking Film Heritage


British Film Institute, National Museums NI, Richard Hayward Estate

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National Museums NI, Richard Hayward Estate

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Kidnapping, mobsters and moonshine! Is this a story set in a country, which exists only in the minds of those who have never been to Ireland?

A practical joke lands our hero back in Ireland, to discover the plot of an evil Chicago gangster to oppress Ballyvoraine through rotten drink. This quota quickie celebrates the stereotypical Irish traditions of drinking, singing and fighting. It features Dinah Sheridan in her first starring role as the strong willed and slightly confused Moira Flaherty. Despite the 3 minutes of visible damage to the film 27 minutes in, the sound ensures that you will not lose the plot.


Richard Hayward was an energetic actor, producer, singer, songwriter, broadcaster, and author. He sought to highlight Northern Ireland as it was, with a focus on local accents, songs and landscape. The Cinematograph Films Act of 1927, provided incentive for low budget local films to be made called 'quota quickies'. This gave Hayward the opportunity to delve into the world of filmmaking. He lived up to his mantra ‘Irish players for Irish parts,’ casting actors that spoke with authentic Ulster accents. The act effectively ended in 1938 and with it Hayward’s feature film aspirations. However through his efforts and love of Ulster, the film industry of Northern Ireland was born.


A Richard Hayward Production

Produced and Directed by Donovan Pedelty

Associate Producer: V.M. Greene

Production Manager: Billy Phelps

Assistant Director: Jack Gilling

Starrring: Richard Hayward, Dinah Sheridan, Gwen Gill, George Pembroke.



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