Irish Elections

Irish Elections

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04min 44sec




35mm, film

black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

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British Pathé

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This newsreel compilation is comprised of discrete items concerning the Irish War of Independence, the Civil War and Michael Collins' election campaign in Co. Cork. The items featured here would not have been exhibited in this order. Some of the items included here are also in the newsreels, 'Troubles in Ireland' and 'Military Manoeuvres'. From 01:44 flashback to scenes from the War of Independence showing Black and Tans and Auxies and the burning of Cork city centre in December 1920 by them.

Shot List

Michael Collins on the election campaign in Cork. Various view of Collins talking to his constituents and giving a speech to a large crowd. There is other material in this including cars with Black and Tans driving through a town (from newsreel Troubles in Ireland and Military Manoeuvres) a city building on fire, people lying in a ditch (from newsreel Troubles in Ireland), Man on a ladder painting a mural which includes a large union jack, soldiers in a the back of a van, one soldier is laddeling something (from newsreel Troubles in Ireland), King Billy mural, poster showing Sinn Fein candidates, soldiers and men marching through a town - white hankies are being waved.


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