Lesser Spotted Ulster: Glenarm and Carnlough

Lesser Spotted Ulster: Glenarm and Carnlough

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Carnlough, Glenarm




Transmission 06/03/1995


25min 17sec







Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Northland Films ltd, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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ITV, Northland Films ltd

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This episode takes Joe Mahon to Glenarm and Carnlough where amongst the moody, atmospheric weather he meets a group of locals who tell tales of the two neighbouring villages' pasts.

Paul McGill (teacher at Garron Tower co-educational college) relates the history of Lady Londonderry (born Frances Anne Vane) whilst taking us on a tour of her splendid home - she built Garron Tower, north of Carnlough, as a summer residence for herself. John Montgomery tells of Lady Londonderry's investment into Carnlough, whilst walking along the harbour that was built on her instruction.

Felix McKillop explains why the village of Straidkilly - the reserve is midway between Glenarm and Carnlough - is known as the 'Slipping Village'. Brian McEvoy speaks about the close relationship the village had with Scotland due to trade, and how the old harbour was used during the war. Katie Cheyne extols the virtues of a healthy lifestyle, describes the friendliness of the neighbours and shows off her horses.

94-year-old local man, Alec Wilson, impresses Mahon with the fiddle he has made and learned to play, whilst Robert Morrow performs one of the epic verses he composes. The programme concludes with Robert reminiscing about past dances and family life.


Presented by Joe Mahon

Contributors:    Paul McGill
                        John Montgomery
                        Felix McKillop
                        Brian McEvoy
                        Alec Wilson
                        Katie Cheyne
                        Robert Morrow 

 A Northland Production for UTV.



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