Mitchell and Kenyon - Tram Ride Through Belfast

Mitchell and Kenyon - Tram Ride Through Belfast

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Belfast, Belfast City Centre





02min 13sec




nitrate film

black and white



British Film Institute

Rights Holder

British Film Institute

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Street scenes shot from a moving tram. Shoppers, bicycles and the occasional horse and cart can be seen.


The Mitchell & Kenyon film company was a pioneer of early commercial motion pictures based in Blackburn in Lancashire, England, at the start of the 20th century. They were originally best known for minor contributions to early fictional narrative film and Boer War dramatisation films, but the discovery in 1994 of a hoard of film negatives led to restoration of the Mitchell & Kenyon Collection, the largest surviving collection of early non-fiction actuality films in the world. This collection provides a fresh view of Edwardian era Britain and is an important resource for historians.

Shot List

An open-topped double-decker tram approaches in the opposite direction. It is marked "Ormeau Road" and has an advertisement for "Hudson's Soap". Another tram approaches, also in the opposite direction, marked "CD Railway", advertising "Ogden Cigarettes". A number of men can be seen apparently pushing wheeled advertising boards. The text is very faint, but some (possibly all - they appear to be identical) are marked "The Ulster Hall" and (possibly) "the most awaited performance". In the background a shop sign reads "The Cecil Cigar Store". A small boy in a sailor suit can be seen standing in the road to the left of the shot. The camera comes behind a tram - possibly the first tram again, similarly marked for the Ormeau Road, advertising Hudson's Soap. It is possibly number 94. The camera comes behind two further trams: one marked "Antrim Road", with advertising for "Ogden Cigarettes"; another marked "Lisburn Road", advertising "Alexander King, 20/22 Queen's Quay, Best House Coal". A stationary tram shot from the side. One member of the crew stands in front of his vehicle, two others are on the tram.



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