No Poor Parish: Cushendall

No Poor Parish: Cushendall

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Transmission 11/01/1988


26min 13sec




1 inch



Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Rights Holder


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Part of ITV's travelogue series, About Britain, this episode of No Poor Parish takes a closer loor at the architecture, history and the locals of Cushendall, Co Antrim.

The programme begins with aerial views of the town and children at the beach reading a Gaelic story connected to the area, the Legend of Ossian. A local speaks about the geographical makeup of Cushendall and the abundance of porcelanite and flint, which would have attracted early settlers. However, the current residents are likely of a different ancestry than the Iron Age Celts, though, the Layd graveyard is shown as a good place to understand the origins of the people of the town. What is clear, is that there is a definite link between Cushendall and Scotland with the MacDonalds of Antrim being key figures in the town.

In the town centre is the Curfew Tower, which the rest of the shops and homes where built around. The local businesses and trades are also touched upon, with its rich toy making industry and past flax harvesting being the main source driving the economy.


An Ulster Television Production 

Programme Associate: Janthia Yearley
Produced and Directed by Ruth Johnston
Editor: Pat Devine

Archival Footage from: The Linenhall Library, The National Gallery of Ireland and Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. 

Special Thanks To: 
Barbara Blaney, Pat Clerkin, Willie Stewart, Brian Turner, Paul McAlister, David Evans, Pat McCambridge, John McLaughlin, Charlie McDonnell, Archie McKeegan, Michael McLoughlin, Mick Quinn, Jonathan Bell, St. Mary’s Primary School, Malachy McSparran, Cushendall Sailing and boating club, Downpatrick Heritage Centre, Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, D.O.E. for N.Ireland Historic Monuments and Buildings Branch, North Eastern Education and Library Board, The Linenhall Library, The National Gallery of Ireland , the people of Cushendall. 




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