Northern Ireland Parliamentary Representatives

Northern Ireland Parliamentary Representatives

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01/05/1921 (of event)


05min 26sec




35mm, film

black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

Rights Holder

British Pathé

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Parliamentary Representatives following the May 24th 1920 elections. The new Northern Ireland government arriving at the Presbyterian College (beside QUB), the home of the parliament (when Belfat City Hall was not available) until Stormont was opened in 1932. The ministers shown are: Sir James Craig, Prime Minister (00:59); Thomas Andrews, Minister of Labour (01:12); Sir Hugh Pollock, Minister of Finance (01:29); Richard Dawson Bates, Minister of Home Affairs (01:40); Milne Barbour, Minister of Commerce (02:11); Lord Londonderry, Minister of Education (04:10). Craig is seen, accompanied by his English wife.

Shot List

Individual head and shoulders views of the representatives. Craig featured at 00:58. Camera pans along a large group of men and some women standing on the steps of a building - probably Hillsborough Castle. View of a group of eight men, including Craig followed by more individual views. View of Hillsborough Castle, Craig and his wife get out of a car and walk up the steps. There are no intertitles with this newsreel.


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