N.S.P.C.C. Garden Fete and Belfast Scenes

N.S.P.C.C. Garden Fete and Belfast Scenes

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Bangor, Belfast





12min 37sec







Digitised as part of Unlocking Film Heritage


British Film Institute, National Museums Northern Ireland, Tourism NI

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Tourism NI

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An Ulster Dairy Queen has a difficult decision to make between contestants at a Bangor NSPCC fête. Meanwhile in Belfast, pedestrians and buses dance to the traffic warden’s tune. 

Celebrate homemade craft and play. See what you can spot as worthy competitors line up for the Fancy dress parade. Then it’s off to the starting line of the soapbox derby. Around Belfast City Hall traffic wardens in white cuffs choreograph a ballet of vibrant trolley buses and lively pedestrians. Elsewhere people in the Botanic Gardens wander at their own pace. There is just enough time left to admire the Tudor Gothic grandeur of Queen’s University by Sir Charles Lanyon. 


Charles Lanyon created many of Belfast’s architectural icons. His other works include Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast Castle and the Palm house in Botanic Gardens. Watch the full version of ‘Through Ulster’ and see if you can spot the ingenious zebra crossing fancy dress costume. Originally produced by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board these rushes come from the collection of National Museums Northern Ireland. This government department was particularly busy in the mid-1950s to late 1960s, creating films that aimed to sell the region as a holiday destination. This material captures Northern Ireland at an intriguing time, post-World War Two and pre-Troubles.

Shot List

00:00-00:09 Open on couple standing beside horse and cart, as the woman shakes hands w/ a period dressed girl on the back of the cart. 00:10-00:16 Same, at slightly different angle. 00:17-00:32 Crowd watches horse and cart driven by a man, w/ the same girl no the back, panning w/ them. 00:33-00:43 Girl gets off cart and curtseys 00:44-00:52 Girl sits on cart, crowd behind her 00:45-01:00 Same, at slightly different angle. 01:01-01:06 Girl stands on the cart. 01:07-01:11 Girl sits on cart, as man guides the horse forward. 01:12-01:17 Girl dismounts again. 01:18-01:27 Woman models on stage, as a woman speaks into mic for a crowd. 01:28-01:35 Same w/ different model. 01:36-01:45 Man walks 2 ponies w/ children riding them by camera. 01:46-01:53 Same w/ different children. 01:54-02:00 Boy walks a pony towards camera w/ a girl riding it. 02:01-02:20 A number of ponies are walked by camera with riders. 02:21-02:28 Crowd shot. 02:29-02:39 Different crowd shot. 02:40-02:47 Another crowd shot w/ horse and cart ridden by. 02:48-02:53 Further crowd shot. 02:54-03:00 Yet another crowd shot. 03:01-03:07 Alternate crowd shot. 03:08-03:18 Children parading in fancy dress 03:19-03:28 Children standing in line in costume. 03:29-03:41 Children in costumes walk in pairs 03:42-03:45 Small boy dressed as American. 03:46-03:51 A number of children stand in costume. 03:52-03:55 Medium shot focusing on a small girl in a swimsuit. 03:56-04:05 Judges look at the children. 04:06-04:08 Pair of girls in yellow dresses. 04:09-04:11 Girl dressed as pirate. 04:12-04:16 Child as Donald Duck 04:17-04:28 More children, focusing on a pair in American revolutionary costumes. 04:29-04:42 Starting line of a soapbox derby, w/ a race commencing. 04:43-05:03 A different race starting, this time panning with the racers. 05:04-05:15 Another race beginning, panning again, with a parent running with them. 05:16-05:30 From the other side of the track, racers driving away from camera 05:32-06:11 A procession of the cars with the drivers relatives/friends walking with them. 06:12-06:24 Panning along the starting line 06:25-06:27 A winner being rewarded 06:28-06:32 Wide including a statue, pedestrians and double decker trams driving by. 06:33-07:14 A tighter shot showing much the same with albeit with a lot more trams, a number of jump cuts occur. 07:15-07:33 A policeman guiding pedestrians across a zebra crossing. 07:34-08:03 People walking in a park w/ lots of prams, a number of jump cuts happen. 08:04-08:30 Another zebra crossing w/ a few jump cuts. 08:31-09:04 A different angle of the zebra crossing though much busier w/ City Hall in the background. 09:05-09:49 Previous angle w/ traffic driving through in the latter part. 09:50-10:03 Close-up of the policeman directing traffic. 10:04-10:12 Shot of Queens. 10:13-10:30 Different angle of Queens. 10:31-10:49 Bus driving by Queens w/ pedestrians and cars/cyclists passing in the foreground. 10:50-11:03 Alternate angle of Queens w/ much of the same passing. 11:04-11:34 Another angle of Queens w/ people walking on the grounds. 11:35-11:45 People lining up for a bus arriving outside the campus. 11:46-11:59 Same angle of people walking away from camera. 12:00-12:15 A different street alongside the college of people walking w/ a few jump cuts. 12:16-12:37 Tilt up of Queens main building.


Digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project.



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