Rathlin Island



Rathlin Island




Ulster Folk and Transport Museum


8mm, film

black and white


11min 38sec





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Amateur film from the 1950s shot by Wilfred Capper showing life and activities on Rathlin Island off the Antrim coast.


Rathlin lies 6 miles off Ballycastle in Northeast Ireland and 16 miles from the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland. It is eight miles long and less than one mile wide.

Shot List

Ballycastle Harbour. Northern Star ferry going across to Rathlin Island. General views of the island - buildings, Marconi transmitter. Men with ropes getting into boat. Men climbing down cliff on a rope to check birds nests. Thatched cottage. Old mill and water wheel. Tractor, derelict house. Stone gate-posts (these are only found in Northern Ireland and are very tall on Rathlin Island). Derelict stone buildings. High-angle views of Church Bay and fields. Shop. Close up of fishing nets and waves crashing against pier. Graves of drowned sailors. Parish church on coast. Village buildings. Good view looking down across the zig-zag coastline. Gateposts. Men near pier. Gate posts. Marconi transmitter. Coastline. View down long road. Thatched cottage. Man showing a model sail boat. General views of a furrowed field with a dog. Free standing large stone. Cottage. Cows. Cottage. Cliff and lighthouse. Cave. Man in boat bringing in crayfish pots. Man climbing cliffs. Rope and helmet over his shoulder. Three men climbing on sheer cliff. Free climbing. Birds nest and eggs.


film shot by Wilfred Capper



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