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Verity Peet


Verity Peet

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Vertity Peet

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A cautionary tale of wine tasting, sexual politics and murder.

Shot List

Seductive smooth jazz music sets the mood as deep red frame fades into close ups of stairs stained with blood. One can catch a glimpse of somebody's hand in the bottom right corner of the frame, then fades into red. A close up of a woman drinking a glass of red wine, her red lipstick and red nail varnish combined with the narration emphasize the sexual undertones of the film. Red wine spills on the table in slow motion, white tablecloth turns deep red and music stops. After a transitional close up of the woman's eyes, we find ourselves in a candle-lit cellar setting. In what appears to be a wine tasting session, we first see a man, then two other woman and finally the woman from earlier close up. They are tasting and smelling red wine while the man describes varios notes and aromas. Close up of the woman's red lips. The room is filled with wine enthusiasts listening to the man's short speech of wine, including a sexist comparison to woman. The man returns to his table and continues with his gender based wine analysis, the woman is not impressed (juxtaposed with a daydream murder image). The man addresses the woman and asks her a question in a very sexually sugestive manner. The woman drives home with the man and invites him in. She undresses as she walks up the stairs, the man follows. In the concluding shot, camera climbs down the stairs, step by step, following the red stains to reveal the man - murdered.


Woman - Alexandra Ford; Man - Colin Carnegie; Director - Verity Peet; Writer - Verity Peet; Producer - Verity Peet, George J. Kingsnorth; Script Editor - Michael Quinn; Camera - Paul Littler; Sound - Mark McMaster; Lighting - Brian Newman; First Assistant Director - Edel O'Mahoney; Second Assistant Director - Jacqui Torrens; Make-Up and Costume - Kerry Gooding; Editor - George J. Kingsnorth; Production Company - Blue Sphere Productions



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