Resolutions: Right Time for Sex

Resolutions: Right Time for Sex

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Transmission 16/02/1998


25min 26sec







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Presenter John Kelly leads a discussion surrounding the topic of sexual education and asks, "When is the right time for sex?"

Mary Crawford, Brook Centre Manager informs the viewer of the services available in the the clinic - contraception, pregnancy tests, smear tests and counselling. Rev. David McIlveen talks of parental responsibility, suggesting that parents are best placed to teach their children about sex education as they have an emotional connection with them. Lastly, we hear from Mary Russell, a concerned parent who is firmly opposed to the teaching of sexual education in schools. 

The interviews are followed by a group discussion, with participants from a variety of backgrounds reflecting on what they've heard and proffering different opinions - sex should be reserved for marriage, marriage is outdated etc. The role of schools in sex educationis explored. Single parent Karen states that the mental, emotional and personal development side of sex needs to be explored, not just the biological aspects. It was suggested that media influence, through the likes of film and TV, promotes sex in an unrealistic way. 

In conclusion, it is suggested that there is no definitive 'right time' to have sex, but that parents, teachers and youth groups all have a role to play in educating young people about the subject. 



Presented by John Kelly. 

A Waddell Media production for UTV.



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