Review of the Ulster Division

Review of the Ulster Division

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circa 1914


circa 1914


03min 09sec




35mm, film

black and white


National Film and Television Archive


Northern Ireland Office

Rights Holder

Northern Ireland Office

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Officials review and inspect the 36th Ulster Division. Unfortunately, there is no information on the time or location, but it some of the clip shows builldings similar to those in Donegall Square Belfast. It is likely to be sometime early in 1915 when the 36th (Ulster) Division was completing its programme of training at camps at Clandeboye, Finner, Ballykinler and Newtownards. It is possible that this is the preliminary to the parade through the centre of Belfast on 8 May 1915, when the division embarked for the south of England. This clip is best from about 01:53 to the end.

Shot List

Pan across a field with lines of troops. Not very clear view. 00:26 Close up of large Union Jack. 00:32 Soldiers march past. Crowd in foreground. General view of crowd. Some soldiers wheeling bicyles. 01:34 Soldiers on horseback walking through town, horse trailor, soldiers wheeling bicycles, regular soldiers carrying rifles. Poor view. 03:29 Officials watching march past.


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