Sodom and Begorrah






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Super 8



13min 33sec




British Film Institute, Mrs Lindy Reid

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Mrs Lindy Reid, Yvonne Friers

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Follow the trials of a priest shocked by the depravity of his new parish. How will he resist temptation in a town where sex, sin and violence are the order of the day? Who will offer spiritual comfort in his hour of need, and who will triumph in this epic battle for the souls of Ballybegorrah? To find out watch this hilarious story set in a country which exists only in the minds of those who have never been to Ireland.


This brilliant example of the playful insights of Archie Reid, Rex Thompson and Rowel Friers invites us to laugh at ourselves. Reid was a History teacher and prolific film maker. Friers who appears here as angel, priest and devil was a political cartoonist, performer and painter. He strove to reflect political absurdities of Northern Ireland with impartiality, saying ‘I have no side in all of this. I just make fun of all the madness.’ A graduate of the Belfast College of Art he contributed to the arts throughout his life as President of both the RUA and Ulster Association of Drama Festivals.


Produced and Directed by Archie Reid

Starring: Rowel Friers

Narrator: Rex Thompson 

Titles and Artwork: Rowel Friers



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