Some New Bones



Rathlin East Lighthouse, Rathlin Island




Filmed 2017 - Archive footage 1950s, 1960s and 1970s


03min 21sec






Produced as part of Britain on Film: Coast and Sea


British Film Institute, Colm Laverty, Malojian, National Museums NI

Rights Holder

Northern Ireland Screen

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In celebration of Northern Ireland’s coastal life - and as part of the BFI's Britain on Film: Coast and Sea project - Malojian was asked to research, compose, record and produce a musical response to the content of the Digital Film Archive.

Working with filmmaker Colm Laverty, the result is 'Some New Bones'. Combining new footage filmed on location at Rathlin East Lighthouse, alongside classic archive, the video showcases our profound relationship with the sea and how the coastal experience continues to shape how we live, work and dream.

A few months ago Northern Ireland Screen contacted me to see if I'd be interested in playing a gig in a coastal location, with coastal themed visuals from their archive to be used as a backdrop. This sounded very cool to me and the more I thought about it, I began to get really into the idea of recording some new material to go alongside it. So I started recording demos at home with the intention of taking them to a proper studio at some stage and turning them into an album. Low and behold, like an ugly duckling or something, they grew and took on a life of their own and have taken me on the most incredible musical journey I've been on yet. From recording in a lighthouse to collaborating with some of my favourite musicians ever, they've become my next album.  It's called LET YOUR WEIRDNESS CARRY YOU HOME and features Joey Waronker (Beck, R.E.M., Atoms For Peace, Roger Waters), Gerry Love (Teenage Fanclub), Jon Thorne (Yorkston/Thorne/Khan, Lamb) and more...'  Stevie Scullion



Part of Britain on Film: Coast and Sea

Shot List

Featuring excerpts from the following films:

Many Happy Returns (1956) / Beauty To Last (1969) / The Quiet Land (1974) - Courtesy National Museums Northern Ireland


Written and Performed by: Malojian 

Directed by: Colm Laverty

Produced by: Colm Laverty and Francis Jones



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