Suffragettes calling for arrest of Bonar Law and Carson

Suffragettes calling for arrest of Bonar Law and Carson

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circa 1913


circa 1913







black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

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British Pathé

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This newsreel shows a suffragette march in London. This clip (especially 04:13 - 04:55) shows that Nationalist and Liberals were not the only opponents Unionists and Conservatives faced. Both Andrew Bonar Law (leader of the Conservative opposition) and Sir Edward Carson (leader of the Irish Unionists) opposed votes for women and this was the reason why suffragettes called for their arrest. However, neither Herbert Asquith (the Liberal Prime Minister) nor John Redmond (leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party) would come out in favour of votes for women. It was not until November 1918 that women were given the vote.


Notice the three men on pavement who face the camera and then repeatedly walk into shot three times between 04.15 and 4.51 mins.

Bonar Law was the British Conservative Party leader at this time and later Prime Minister. Edward Carson was leader of the Ulster Unionists. 

Shot List

This newsreel was filmed in London. The section relating to Bonar Law and Carson is 04:12-04:54. Suffragettes in hoods and cloaks marching along street wearing advertising sandwich boards and distributing leaflets calling for the arrest of Bonar Law and Carson. They are walking down in a single row beside the pavement of a busy street. There are horses and carts, motorcars and people on bicycles.



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