Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Belfast Docks and Journey to the Isle of Man

Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Belfast Docks and Journey to the Isle of Man

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Belfast, Isle of Man




July 1955


12min 13sec




Super 8



Doubleband Films


Doubleband Films, Ernie Whitten

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Ernie Whitten

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In the harsh world of post-war Belfast, with rationing stretching into the 1950s, the Boy's Brigade offered a welcome chance for local working class boys to escape to, what seemed like then, the far-off shores of the Isle of Man on a summer camp. As well as the record of the camp on the Isle of Man the footage includes scenes shot in Belfast docks of them leaving as well as their return home. This is the original unedited footage which was used in the making of the Super 8 Story, 'BB Trip to the Isle of Man'.


The film of the BB Trip to the Isle of Man was shot by the captain of the Company, T Pakenham. Mr Packenham has since passed away and the footage has subsequently come into the possession of one of the young officers featured in the film, Ernie Whitten. The film of his youth is a source of great nostalgia for Ernie who says, 'I enjoy watching the video with my family and even more so with the grandchildren. Past BB members have also enjoyed the video playback as well as some past members and family who are now living in New Zealand and Australia fifty years later'.



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