Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Family Day Out in Stormont Grounds







Doubleband Films


Super 8



04min 20sec




Berrie O'Neill, Doubleband Films

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Berrie O'Neill

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A family day out in the grounds of Stormont Gardens beside the Parliament Buildings. Sections of this footage were included in the Super 8 Story, 'The O'Neill Family'.


“I was already using a stills camera to record the progress of the children growing up so the idea of moving sequences in colour appealed greatly to me,” says Berrie O’Neill of his motivation to take up amateur film making. Berrie was working in banking at the time and originally he “bought a cheap cine camera jointly with a friend at first – afterwards I borrowed one from my boss!” Berrie has nostalgic memories of using the projector at home to watch his movies: “The first viewing was always really magical – even with occasional problems with the second hand projector and breaking film!” “At this stage my grown up children and grandchildren enjoy the films,” says Berrie who has recently had some of his films transferred to video so that a new generation of his family can enjoy the scenes he recorded. He looks back on his film making days with great warmth and affection stating, “The real joy for me was organising events so that usage of film was minimal at a time when cash was scarce and then seeing the outcome of my ‘directing’!”



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