Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Killer Whale in River Foyle







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Doubleband Films, James Kelly

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In the 1970s Londonderry gained a celebrity in the shape of a killer whale nicknamed 'Dopey Dick' who swam up the River Foyle and couldn't get back out to sea. Local schoolteacher James Kelly took this footage along with scenes of local children in a classroom at the time of the event. This is the original unedited footage which was used in the making of the Super 8 Story, ''Dopey Dick' Killer Whale'.


James Kelly was a primary school teacher in Londonderry at the time he captured his memories of the Pope’s visit to Ireland and those of Dopey Dick, the Killer Whale who got trapped in the River Foyle. 'I had an interest in capturing images of my family and then of my children. I also filmed school events such as prize giving presentations. I used a Kodak Brownie Standard 8mm camera from 1957-73, and then a Sankyo Super CM 300 camera from1974-90'. James kept using the format long into the video age preferring it to the new format (which he never took up), though he now has transfers of his films on video. 'My children all have copies and they have many interesting memories captured on film. They are still interested in watching them but I find it sad as unfortunately too many of my old friends are now passed away'.



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