Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: Street Scenes in Belfast University Area in the 1950s









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Doubleband Films, John Cole

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Scenes shot around the Queen's University area of Belfast during the 1950s by Belfast amateur film-maker John Cole with good views of period traffic. Some sections of this film were used in the Super 8 Story, 'Queen's Students in the 1950s'.


John Cole was a teacher in secondary education at the time he took up home movie making in the 1950s. 'I started with a hand cranked 9.5mm Pathe Ace projector - which I still have. I would look at short 30ft Black and White films which I purchased in Belfast and soon I wanted to take my own films. I discovered that 8mm was the new gauge to be using and purchased a clockwork 8mm Bell and Howell Sporster cine camera (which I later mounted in an underwater housing)'. John would show his movies to his brother and parents 'and then my wife and children after I was married'. Although not a member of any club at the time he remembers, 'I was a member of the British Sub-Aqua Club where I shot most of my movies. I am now a member of Donaghadee Camera Club and have been for the past 35 years'. John has transferred some of his 8mm films to DVD and remains very much involved with modern recording formats. 'I have never stopped making movies and have moved up from Standard 8mm to Super 8 Sound and then onto VHS analogue video. Now I am into Digital video and produce my films on DVD. I still enjoy making films of events and things I am interested in and showing the finished work to clubs and organisations. I have been asked to take wedding films and promotional videos which I produce on DVD'. As for the old movies: 'It is nice to remember how things used to be. Sometimes I find that I can only remember the events recorded on film!


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