Super 8 Stories Extra Footage: West Indies XI v North West XI








11min 38sec




Super 8



Doubleband Films


Brian Hunter, Doubleband Films

Rights Holder

Brian Hunter

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Sections of this footage were included in the Super 8 Story, 'West Indies Cricket'.

Shot List

Team shot with players from both West Indies and North West mixed together. (0.35) Fielding players walking out onto pitch followed by the two batsmen. (1.08) Long shots of the match in progress from edge of boundary. (1.45) Dismissed batsmen walking towards the boundary as another takes his place. (1.56) More match shots. (2.24) Another batsmen walking to boundary and being replaced. (2.38) More longshots of match culminating in more shots of batsmen leaving/taking the field. (3.16) Spectators milling about tents. (3.36) Shot of West Indian players sitting on bench beside the pitch. (3.43) Lots of shots of players coming off field while others walk on. (4.31) All the players leaving pitch. (4.43) Shots of spectators around the pitch and groundsmen taking roller out to the wicket. (5.01) Match under way again with some good shots of boundary shots being made near the camera position. (5.13) Another player walking off the pitch and being replaced. (5.42 Long series of action shots with the batsmen striking the ball including at (7.23) North West player missing a very easy catch dropping down to him near the camera. (7.45) Sir Garfield Sobers leaving the pitch. (7.56) Close up of scoreboard. (8.00) All players walking off the pitch and making their way to the pavilion while spectators mingle on pitch. (8.21) mid shot of groundsmen rolling the wicket again and pan across spectators. (8.43) Players coming back onto the pitch. (9.11) Another long series of match shots mixed with batsmen walking off and being replaced.



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