Super 8 Stories: The Kernaghan Family







07 December 2003 (first transmission)


04min 13sec




Super 8





BBC NI, Bill Kernaghan, Doubleband Films

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BBC NI, Bill Kernaghan, Doubleband Films

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At a time when many people were leaving Northern Ireland due to the turbulence of the early Troubles, Englishman, Bill Kernaghan, decided to make his home here. He talks with his son, Mike, about their decision as well as their leisure time spent on the North Down coast. This clip appeared in Series 1, Programme 2 of Super 8 Stories.


Bill Kernaghan was working in sales management in the 1960s when he bought a Konica Standard 8mm camera to record the birth of his first child when living in Otley in England. Bill was a member of the Mercury Movies camera club in Esholt, Yorkshire before taking up residency in Northern Ireland and is still very much involved in his hobby, having kept up with modern video technology as a member of the North Down Movie Makers. Bill has digital transfers of his 8mm films and still occasionally watches them “when prompted by the grandchildren”. Bill’s feelings towards his recorded memories can be summed up by “nostalgic pleasure and the sense of achievement in producing something worth watching with the occasional recording of history, albeit unwittingly!”

Shot List

Man filming himself in mirror on Standard 8mm camera. Children playing in the street on go-karts. Various Belfast street scenes and troop activity. Family playing on beach at Groomsport. Family taking speedboat out to sea.


Narrator - Maire Jones; Camera - Michael Quinn; Sound - Sion Kerr, Gregg Bailey; Music Consultants - Jim Meredith, Ralph McLean; Production Accountant - Anne Hegarty; Production Assistant - Tammy Moore; Graphic - Alan Perry; Dubbing - One Zero Zero; Online Editor - Johnathan Fetherstone; Researcher - Ronan Feely; Archivist - Evan Marshall; Assistant Producer - Jenny Waugh; Executive Producers - Deirdre Devlin, Michael Hewitt; Editors - Greg Darby, Henry Wood; Producer - Diarmuid Lavery; Director - Brian Henry Martin



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