The Northwest Film Challenge: Daisy Or Sweets



Derry, Rathmullan




Production 18/02/2023


02min 59sec





black and white



Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Ciara Chivers, Rathmullan Film Festival, UTV Archive

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Ciara Chivers

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The Northwest Film Challene was part of Rathmullan Film Festival 23.

As a result of an open invitation, 12 new and emerging filmmakers were challenged to create a three-minute film using archival footage. Póca Productions of Donegal worked with the participants over the course of a number of online workshops to produce these amazing films, all of which were screened at the Rathmullan Film Festival.

Of her film, 'Daisy Or Sweets', Ciara Chivers writes:

"'Daisy Or Sweets' follows a young boy's adventure from the countryside to Derry City as he takes a cow named Daisy to the market. He is captivated by the possibility of getting sweets on the way home if they fetch a good price for Daisy. The archive footage inspired me to make this film because it felt like a window into the world of Derry in the year 1901 - although it is silent, it evokes a strong sense of the sounds of a bustling crowd at the cattle market as well as horse-drawn buses and carts in the streets. I imagined the experience of stepping into this world from the perspective of a child."

Ciara's film was awarded second prize in the Northest Film Challenge at Rathmullan Film Festival. The judges loved Ciara's humorous use of the archives to tell a heart-warming story that brought the children in the Derry Market in 1901 to life. Special mention too to Eoin's lovely performance.


Producer: Ciara Chivers

Filmmaking course provided by Póca Productions in conjunction with Rathmullan Film Festival and Northern Ireland Screen's Digital Film Archive. 



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