The Story of a City: Tower Museum

The Story of a City: Tower Museum

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London, Tower Museum




Transmission 27/10/1994


24min 35sec







Digitised as part of the UTV Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Northland Films ltd, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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ITV, Northland Films ltd

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This programme explores the history of Derry and the challenges which face a new museum in the city, as it attempts to address its turbulent past head-on.

This documentary on the building of the Tower Museum features insight from, and interviews with, various professional involved in the development of the city.

Brian Lacey, Museum Organiser, discusses the rebuilding of Derry and the property developments which have, in turn, informed the current project (The Tower Museum). The establishment of the Inner City Trust is explained by Michael Doherty from H.M.D. Architects. Paddy Doherty (Inner City Trust) cites political indifference as the root cause of the societal and architectural neglect in Derry.

Robin Wade, Museum Designer, and Pat Hodgson, Museum Consultant, discuss the visual and curatorial considerations that were factored into the museum's design.

Other contributors include Paddy Gillespie - who relates the discovery of a dug-out canoe in the side of a river in Derry, Phillip Jackson (Sculptor), and Sean Nolan (Director Ulster Museum). 

The programme includes footage from the opening of the Tower Museum, including a visit from John Hume and concludes with the British Museumn of the Year Awards, in October 1994. Ray Sutcliffe (Museum of the Year Judge), Lord Morris (Chairman of the Judging Panel), John Letts (National Heritage Chairman) and others comment on the positive impact they envisage the museum will have on Derry.


Northland Films Production

Director: Paddy Stevenson 

Producer: Liam Campbell 

Also featured is President of the E.C. Jacques Delors (1985-1995) attending a trip to see the museum.  



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