The World on Wheels



Queen's College Sport





11min 17sec




1 inch

black and white


Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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Sponsored by Dunlop Rubber Company

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A promotional film from 1929, for Dunlop Rubber Company, detailing how raw rubber is treated and made into bicycle and motor car tyres at the Dunlop factory.

It tells the story of John B. Dunlop, who had a veterinary clinic on Gloucester Street, Belfast, and invented the pneumatic tyre. Beginning at home, we see the experiments that Dunlop conducted, culminating in him attaching the new tyre to his son's tricycle.

Film concludes with footage of William Hume winning a race using a pneumatic wheeled bicycle, at Queen's College Sports, Belfast, on 18th May 1889.

Shot List

Scenes of Belfast in the 1880s. Narrator speaks of the difficulty of riding bikes on the road. Images of John Boyd Dunlop [JBD] re-inventing the pneumatic tyre, and testing the invention. Scene of JBD’s son testing the invention on his bike. JBD signs the patent. Scenes of Walter Edlin and Co preparing bikes for the pneumatic tires at the request of William Hume [WH]. JBD and WH arriving at the One Mile bicycle race at Queen’s College Sports, Belfast 18th May 1889, to demonstrate the tires abilities in the race. WH wins the race using the tires. Images of Newspapers and famous cyclists names who are interested in the invention. Introduction of the Dunlop Tyres brand. Scenes of people cycling. 


Produced by Publicity Films Ltd at Merton Park Studios

Directed by Montgomery Tully

Sound recorded by RCA photography system

Photography: T.R. Thumwood and Jimmy Rogers

Sound Recording: Charles Poulton

Editing: Benjamin H. Hipkins

Assistant Direction: Jay Lewis

Musical Arrangement: John Reynders

Thanks and Acknowledgement for historical data is made to the following…

H.W. Bartleet Esq.

F.J. Came Esq.

Mrs J. McClintock

And Cyclists… who took part in the Queen’s College Sports, Belfast, 18th May 1889



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