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Belfast, Halifax, New York






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black and white


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This film was made following the tragic sinking of the Harland and Wolff-built liner, Titanic, on 15th of April, 1912. The film is believed to contain the only authentic filmed material of the Titanic. Contrary to the title card, this film possibly shows Titanic moving to the fitting out wharf, c. March 6, 1912. This is hard to know for sure as she was moved in and out of the graving dock to allow for repairs to Olympic, twice. If you look to the left of the front of the ship, you can see two long pipes going down from the deck, these are the toilets for the shipyard workers and would not be present once the ship was complete.

Also in the film are scenes from around the area of the disaster, film from New York of some surviving crew, Fr Hogue - a passenger of the Carpathis who first sighed the lifeboats, and radio inventor Marconi. 


Although the newsreel is nearly seven minutes long and covers only the first minute presents actual footage of the Titanic. This is the only established authentic footage of the Titanic in existence. Mostly this was due to the fact that before its infamous collision with an iceberg the Titanic was not a significant news story. Although it was the largest liner of its kind in the world, it had two sister ships, the Olympic and Britannic, and it was the Olympic which took most credit (and media attention) as it was the first to be launched.

Shot List

'The Titanic leaving Belfast Lough for Southampton, April 2nd, 1912.' Front view, three-quarter view and pan along side of Titanic in the harbour. 01:06 'Before the disaster. Captain Smith on the Bridge'. It is now thought that this is Smith on the bridge of the Olympic, Titanic's sister ship, rather than the Titanic herself. Followed by a flashing distress message - 'C-Q-D Help! Help! We are sinking'. 01:25 'The Graveyard of the Sea. Icebergs and icefloes near the Scene of the Disaster'; 02:01 'The yacht Mary Sculley going out to meet the Carpathia at Sea'; 02:13 'The Carpathia nearing New York with survivors'. 03:05 'The Carpathia docked'. 03:11 'Captain Rostrum of the Carpathia'. 03:23 'Some survivors of the Titanic's crew'. 03:48 'Quarter master Hitchens of the Titanic who went down with the ship and was afterwards picked up'. 03:56 'Father Hogue a passenger of the Carpathia who first sighted the Titanic lifeboats'. 04:10 'Some of the heroes of the Titanic's crew picked up at sea'. The men are wearing lifejackets. 04:30 'Reporters interviewing survivors'. 04:41 'The crowd at the 'White Star' offices, New York, awaiting news'. 05:32 'Scene at the Cunard Docks the morning after the 'Carpathia's' arrival'. Street scene. 05:46 'Marconi, whose marvellous discovery saved over 700 lives'. 06:03 'The 'Mackay Bennett' leaving Halifax in search of the dead.' Pan across deck of boat and showing the boat leaving the harbour.




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