Trauma: Programme 1

Trauma: Programme 1

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Royal Victoria Hospital




Transmission 03/08/1983


38min 17sec







Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Channel 4, Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Rights Holder

Channel 4, ITV

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Footage may cause distress.

The new techniques and equipment which the the staff of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, are using to treat patients. This episode follows the journey of road traffic accident victim, Brian McCarron, and his path to recovery. 

Opening with an ambulance racing through the streets of Belfast on its way to A&E, we then meet Brian who is in serious condition and the viewer is run through his diagnosis. Moving into the operating theatre,  the various medical and surgical techniques used to treat his injuries are explained by each unit specialist. 

There is pause during the surgery as Brian's condition starts to deteriorate but is stabled enough for his surgeries to continue. Following this, Dr Dennis Coppel (consultant anaesthetic ICU) and Maxine Galbraith (physiotherapist) discuss Brian's condition prior to him waking on 'Day 8'.

With Brian in the clear, it is then up to Professor Desmond Archer (consultant ophthalmic surgeon) and Dr Bharat Sawhney (consultant neurophysiologist) to restore as much as his eye sight as possible which leads to a further eye operation. 

Concluding the footage is Brian's final days in the hospital, learning to walk again and discussing the crash.


Trauma is defined as the “morbid condition of the body caused by would or external violence” - Concise Oxford Dictionary 


A UTV Production for Channel Four.  

Written and narrated by Jon Lander

Produced and directed by Alan Hailes

Film Sound: Jim McGirr

Also Featured:Dr William Rutherford (consultant surgeon at accident & emergency),Dr Robin Carlisle (anaesthetist), John Gray (neurosurgical registrar), Robert Acheson (senior ophthalmic registrar), John Templeton (consultant orthopaedic surgeon), Michael Brennan (consultant plastic surgeon). 



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